Write About the Bachelorette
By drchip@parrishdental.com
July 30, 2014
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“Write an Article About The Bachelorette...” 

            Friends and patients often ask me, “How do you come up with something new to write about each week?”

            After five or six hundred articles, that is a very good question.

            The sad truth is that I’m a certified dental nerd.  I love teeth.  I love my job.  I can easily spend my down time relaxing with a couple of dental journals and a handful of dental blogs.  It is truly relaxing for me to sip a glass of cabernet and read about the wide world of oral health.

            At the end of each work day, I sometimes jot down a few things I experienced that might help to dentally educate our community.  Just today, my notes included topics such as dental tourism, cracks in teeth, the value of baby teeth, and reasons to whiten teeth.

            Alas, the true challenge in writing these articles is to make them interesting and readable.  To keep my valued readers engaged and happy.

            A good friend, to whom I email all of my articles, frequently emails me back:

            Chip, DDS,

            Please quit writing about teeth.  I like it when you write about your kids or hunting or fishing.  Teeth are just plain boring.  Make me laugh or think or cry.

            On Monday nights (my deadline is Tuesday morning), I ask my partner in life and dentistry if there is anything she’d like me to write about.  Occasionally, she suggests a topic that came up at the office that week.  More often, she kicks me to the living room and shuts the bedroom door.  She likes to relax in ways that don’t involve dentistry.

            Tonight she issued a challenge.  “Write an article about The Bachelorette,” she said, “You are losing your audience.  They’re bored.  Spice it up.”

            So, at the advice of my better half, here are some musings on the Bachelor/Bachelorette reality TV phenomenon.

            I would love to say that I’m so high-brow that I’ve never watched reality TV.  That would be an all-out lie.  I remember the early days of The Bachelor and Temptation Island.  My roommates and I would go over to our hot neighbor’s house and have a potluck dinner and a few bottles of cheap wine, while watching and laughing at the goings on.

            Eventually, I married that hot neighbor.

            The fun part of reality TV (however scripted it may be) is the fighting and the lying and the crying and the drama.  That is sad to say, but that’s why we watch.  It would be as boring as an article about dentistry if they all got along and nobody ever got upset.  The drama and the rose ceremony and the crying limo confessionals are what keep us coming back.

            As an aside, everyone on the Bachelorette seems to have beautiful, white teeth surrounded by pink, healthy gums.  That is not a coincidence.  Those are touched up, fixed, and maintained before going on TV.

            As amusing as it would be to an outsider, I can only hope that my kids never have a hometown Bachelor/Bachelorette date in Llano.  I would love and support them one-hundred percent, but I’m not sure of the value of fifteen minutes of fame.  Regardless, we have multiple family members that I would love to see on TV, interrogating a potential spouse.  That would be fun to watch.

            Until next week, keep smiling.

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