Thanks for Cabin Fever
December 05, 2013
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Thanks for Cabin Fever... 

            It is 7:07 a.m. on the second straight day of cold, rainy, sloppy weather.  The outside dogs got a reprieve from the elements and were allowed to sleep inside last night.  In an act of thanklessness, they made sure to wake me bright and early this morning.  As they stirred, I scuttled out of bed to keep them from waking up the rest of my family.   

            A cold blast of wet air, as I let them out, confirmed that I am up for the day.

             So much for sleeping in.

             My usual ritual of drinking coffee on the porch is also not to be.  Too cold.  Too windy.  Too wet.  Bah.  Humbug.

             It would be romantic to say that I will sit here on the couch and enjoy my cup of joe to the soothing sound of drizzle on our metal roof.  Staring about our half-way Christmas decorated living room, doing nothing at all.

             That is not me.  I have this intense burning desire to be constantly productive and in motion.  Doing.  Something.  Anything.  Sitting still and quiet just isn’t my style. 

            Perhaps, that’s why I write.

             Thanksgiving is next week and therein lays easy fodder for a quick essay.  I am truly  thankful for many things and now have some time to think.

             I am thankful for my partner in life and in business, who is also my best friend.  I am thankful for the health and love of our families.  Those with us and those who touched our lives and helped to make us who we are today.  I am thankful for most of the life choices and decisions that I have made, many at a young age when wisdom eluded me.  I am equally thankful for my mistakes and failures because those helped to make a better man.  I am thankful for hugs, laughter, smiles, and rain.  I carry a debt of gratitude to those who work with me as well as the patients we are allowed to serve.  I cherish my friends.  I am thankful for my community and our country and the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

             As the kids are starting to stir, I am thankful for a few moments of silent prayer affirming the above.  Happy Thanksgiving 2013.

             Until next week, keep smiling.

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