Teeth Without Hope...
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October 22, 2015
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Teeth Without Hope…

                Dentists take a lot of pride in saving teeth. That’s what we do. We stress preventative therapy (cleanings, fluoride applications, gum treatment, improved home care, and dental sealants) to help patients keep their natural teeth their whole lives. When cavities do happen, we try to catch them early and treat them conservatively. When gum disease strikes, we try to meet it head on so that bone and teeth are not lost forever. We do everything in our power to help our patients keep what God gave them.

                Our best replacement options are rarely better than what grew naturally.

                One of the most common reasons people lose teeth is gum disease or periodontitis.  Gum disease is a generally slow process that causes your body to resorb jaw bone that holds your teeth in place. This process can be accelerated by health problems (diabetes), as well as habits (smoking, chewing tobacco, not flossing, and poor brushing). When a tooth has little bone to hold it in place it tends to get loose and eventually infected. At some point, these teeth must go.

                Tooth decay is another big cause of lost teeth. To fix any tooth, there must be some healthy, sound tooth structure to work with. If cavities are not diagnosed and treated at an early stage, teeth can get so rotted out that they just cannot be fixed.  At some point, these teeth must be removed to stop or prevent infection.

                Trauma is also a cause for a lot of lost teeth. A tooth snapped off at or below the gum line usually has a poor chance of being restored to new. Trauma comes in all shapes from sports accidents to car wrecks to biting down wrong on an old filling.  Every case is different. One way to help prevent dental trauma is to shore up damaged teeth before they break.

                There are many other causes of lost or hopeless teeth. Certain diseases, tooth wear, genetic problems, severe grinding, and cancer treatments can all cause or lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, we have more ways than ever to give you natural looking and functioning teeth back. Implant dentistry has been a revolution in replacing teeth. If you are missing just one or even all of your natural teeth, there is an amazing implant option for you.

                All you need to do is see a dentist and ask.

                Until next week, keep smiling.

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