Spring Breaking
March 18, 2014
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We are on the cusp (dental pun intended) of the most beautiful time of the year in the Texas Hill Country.  If we can just get past these temperature swings; freezing one day, sunny and seventies the next, we’ll be home free into Spring. 

Bring on the cool, crisp mornings, daylight savings, wildflowers, green grass, playing outside until dark, and the Crawfish Open!

Growing up with both a younger brother and a younger sister, spring break vacations were a little spotty.  When you have three kids who each seem to continually be involved in three activities, time between practices can be hard to find.  Most of our spring breaks consisted of soccer, volleyball, or baseball tournaments.  We’d travel from game to game as a family, supporting each other as best as siblings can be made to do.  This was a time before iPads and smartphones and our nightly grub of fast food or Bill Miller’s Barbecue would actually be spent talking to each other.  Or picking on our baby sister.  Or begging to run around the restaurant like little banshees.

Maybe smart devices have their place after all.

In college, I was fortunate to extend my baseball career.  Those nine days with no class tended to be one long road trip.  I can remember playing with snow banks on the outfield wall in Arkansas, having to start a fire in a trash can for warmth in Missouri, and an emergency team bus evacuation in freezing rain in Oklahoma.  I’ll never forget that one Wednesday night we had off, our wallets fat with leftover meal money.  We hit the three hottest spots in town before we realized that it was just us and the locals left in Waco.  All of our classmates were gone on Spring Break.

When dental school rolled around, I was excited to finally have my first, real Spring Break.  So excited that a classmate and I bolted from the closing words of our Dental Anatomy lecture and drove fourteen hours straight to Panama City, Florida.  Once there, we quickly realized that we were twenty-four years old and that Panama City was a great spring break destination…for teenagers.  It’s never fun being the oldest man at the beach.  Fortunately, the casinos of Biloxi and the glow of Bourbon Street were along the route home.  We left after just one night.

Until now, the best Spring Breaks of my life have been spent with my best friend.  Before jobs and kids and life in the real world, we found time to pack up and go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  We never went any place fancy and spent a lot of hours in a pick-up.  We talked about our hopes and our dreams and our plans for the future.  We went to  honky-tonks, famous chicken-fried restaurants, UFO crash sights, putt-putt golf courses, and a winery or two.  She even taught me how to ski, in the snow.

Looking back, Spring Break has never really been about the places I’ve gone or the things I’ve done.  In reality, Spring Break is a time to take a breath and enjoy the things that you have right here in front of you. 

 Enjoy and be safe.  Happy Spring Break 2014.

Until next week, keep smiling.

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