Opportunity Abounds...
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July 22, 2015
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Opportunity Abounds…


            I groggily rolled over this morning in a kid-sized trundle bed. The pink, frilly blanket on my chest was just small enough to either cover my toes or my torso, but not both. Thus, I had spent most of the night with one or the other cold. The mattress was designed for elementary weight kids. That meant I was lying in a sort of v-shaped position, my heavier bottom end nearly touching the cold tile floor through the mattress springs. I’m pretty sure I invented some new yoga poses through the night.


            Fortunately, I had a comfy, pink shag pillow and a beautiful, healthy sleeping kid at my side. Life was good.


            Even better if I could sneak from this bed and get some writing done.


            As the theme song from Mission Impossible ran through my head, I deftly slid from the bed and snuck into the kitchen. So far, so good. All was quiet. I managed to make a cup of coffee and then deftly snuck onto the back porch to enjoy the morning solitude. Alas, family movie night had taken it’s toll and everyone else was soundly sleeping in this Saturday.


            Mornings like these keep men centered.


            Life it’s own self seems to be accelerating more each day. I suppose that’s part of growing up. We spend our younger years ever anticipating the next grade, the next school, the next chapter. At some point (for me it was when we had kids), things change. Now, I just try to enjoy and relish each day and each stage of their growth. Some stages have certainly been more fun than others. I’m sure that pattern will hold true for the coming teen years. There will be ups and downs and lessons to be learned. For both parents and kids. That’s really the hardest part about parenting. You don’t really see the final results until your kids move off and start living a life of their own. We have to make the best use of the short time that we have to teach and to mold them. It’ll be over too quickly.


            Most likely, the world will keep spinning and racing around the sun. None of us knows what tomorrow holds. All we can do is enjoy mornings like this, love our families, teach our kids, treat others fair, smile, control our attitudes, and react positively to whatever life unfolds for us.


            Of course, that is easier said than done.


            The opportunity is there.


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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