Last Weekend of Summer...
August 20, 2014
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The Last Weekend of Summer…

                For many, summer wound down a few weeks ago.  Football, band, volleyball, and cheer are in full swing.  Teachers and administrators had to report last week to dust off the books and ready their classrooms for another successful year.

                For the rest of us, summer will end in just a few more days.  School bells will ring and those of us with kids will get back to the hustle and bustle of schedules, activities, meetings, practices, and homework.  We will complain about the traffic between schools and in crossing over the bridge.  We might have to wait one whole cycle of that stop light or for two whole school buses to pass by the stop sign.  Our friends in Austin could only dream of our traffic problems. 

                We will blink and it will be Halloween, hunting season, Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  2015 is almost here.  That’s how life seems when your kids just keep growing up.

                Me?  I just stay the same age.

                Unfortunately, reality struck me in the heart one night last week.  My wife had an after work meeting and it was my job to take our two kids to the annual sports booster club “Meet the Jackets” night.  For those who have never been, “Meet the Jackets” is a community pep rally showcasing this year’s fall athletes, coaches, and cheerleaders.  After wrangling my kids away from their friends and from running around the gym, we watched as this year’s crop of student-athletes was introduced.  My daughter sat in my lap and explained her future out on that gym floor to me.  I realized then that a whole bunch of those “big” kids were about my daughter’s age when they first stepped foot into our dental office.  I glanced around and noticed that many of their parents, especially the Class of 2015 parents, looked a little emotional.  All those little kids that I met years ago are still growing up.

                When I made this connection, a whirlwind of emotion hit.  I could literally picture in my mind both of our “little” kids out on that gym floor.  Waving to the crowd in their uniforms or joking in groups with their friends.  About that time, something in the air, probably mold or some dust, must have caused my eye to water a bit.  Fortunately for me, it didn’t affect my eye as badly as it did those senior parents beside me.

                Enjoy this weekend, wringing out the last bits of summer to be had.  Hug your families and embrace your friends.  Remember, they are all growing up so fast.

                Me?  I just stay the same age.

                Until next week, keep smiling.

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