Don't Lose it, Use it
October 03, 2013
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Don’t Lose It, Use It...


When you have kids, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.  Between school and practices and homework and other activities, each day seems to fly by right up until bedtime.  After the kids go to bed, the fun really starts for moms and dads.  There seems to be an ever evolving pile of laundry and dishes and bills to pay.  Our retired patients often tell us that they are so busy that they want to retire from retirement.  Time seems to be in short supply for everyone.

In Texas, our first cold front means that Halloween is just around the corner.  I know this to be true because my mailbox is filled with black and orange catalogues each day.  Before we blink, we’ll be cooking turkey, then wrapping gifts.  New Year’s is less than 99 days away.

For dentists, fall is a busy time of year.  Most dental insurance plans have a yearly maximum benefit that the insurance company and your employer will pay out to take care of your teeth this year.  Any unused benefit disappears when the insurance plan rolls over to the next year.  If you have five hundred dollars in leftover benefits this year, they don’t get added back to your maximum benefits for next year.  The term use it or lose it certainly applies.

Your dental team can help you maximize these benefits.  As a courtesy to patients, most offices will perform a year end insurance review to see if any patient or family benefits remain.  Remaining benefits can be matched up with recommended treatment to minimize patient out of pocket expense. 

Early detection of remaining benefits is a really good idea in 2013.  Due to Christmas and New Year’s being in the middle of the week, many offices will have limited year end appointments available.  An insurance review now will help save both teeth and money before year end.

That makes for a less stressful holiday season for all.

Until next week, keep smiling.

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