A Practice to Call Home...
May 09, 2014
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Drs. Parrish first met on the eve of dental school orientation. Jennifer Elliott was a DS-2, having completed her first year at the top of her class. Chip Parrish was to be a DS-1, with no clue how to be a dentist, but with plenty of future plans. They met as neighbors and sat on the curb to discuss the corning year. As chance would have it, they both had plans to someday practice dentistry and raise their future families somewhere in the scenic Texas Hill Country. Little did they know that fateful day that those plans would come true - together.  As friends, as partners, as a team.

As many young dentists do. Drs. Parrish spent a couple of years working for others in a variety of practice settings. Between the two of them, they worked in a high- end cosmetic practice, a small PPO practice, a large dental group practice and a Medicaid public health practice. This variety of practice and management backgrounds was invaluable experience.  When the opportunity presented itself, they knew their style and vision of what Parrish Dentistry was destined to be.

Opportunity knocked in 2004 when a small, 1.400-square foot, three-operatory dental practice came up for sale in Llano. Texas. The little office was a definite "fixer-upper; but the location along a river, smack dab in the middle of Hill Country, was the ideal place to grow a family. For several years, Drs. Parrish had to split time in the tiny facility. This was a gift because it gave them both the opportunity to be part-time at-home parents with their two young children. Life was good.

By 2009, the practice was bursting at the seams. The variety of procedures the doctors provided (orthodontics. dental implant surgery, endodontics, TMD therapy, cosmetic rehabilitations) had grown the practice by nearly 20% per year. Chair time was becoming precious, and the doctors had to make a choice - expand to serve the demand or slow the growth of the practice.  Fortunately, their children were to start school soon, so the time was right to expand.

Location, location, location. About this time, an ideal commercial property came on the market across from the town middle school. It was situated on one of the two main highways into and out of Llano. They quickly acquired the property, and the planning phase of Dr. Chip Parrish and Dr. Jennifer Parrish's dream office began.

It is a well-known fact that dentists are type-A personalities. When two dentists partner together in business, this personality trait is often doubled. When said dentists are also partners in life this trait grows exponentially. From day one Drs. Parrish knew that they wanted to develop one of the top dental facilities in the country.  To achieve this, they knew that they needed help. They needed expertise.